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Most Lendup users do not want to sell their cryptos and believe that their value will increase in the long term. However, they need cash for their expenses. Holders in Lendup get credit without selling their tokens and receive their collateral after repaying the installments.

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The whole process of getting a loan is online.


The amount of LTV for loans with Bitcoin and Ethereum collateral is 70%, for loans with Tether collateral is 80% and for loans with Peyman collateral is 75%. For example, to receive a loan of 10 million with Ethereum collateral, the equivalent of 14 million Tomans of Ethereum collateral is received.
By depositing each installment, your collateral is released and can be withdrawn in the same proportion. For example, in a five-installment loan, by paying each installment, one-fifth of the collateral is released, which can be withdrawn or you can get another loan with it.
How much is the loan interest of Lendup?
To avoid this, you can keep some crypto in your free wallet on Lendup so that instead of cashing out the collateral, those cryptos are used to increase the value of the collateral.
Currently, the minimum repayment period is 1 month and the maximum period is 6 months.
Currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Peyman are accepted as collateral, and other collaterals will be added over time.
You! And all those who want to get liquidity without selling their cryptocurrencies.
Yes. Currently, the maximum amount of Lendup loan is 50 million Tomans.
Yes. Just select Lendup store when applying for a loan.
After you have successfully deposited your cryptocurrency collateral and applied for your loan. Your loan will be ready in less than 5 days.
Due to server limitations, authentication cannot be done from 23:00 to 07:00.
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